Join A Club With No Dues – Edward Jones’ Coffee Club Is All Perks

Coffee Club will be held via interactive WebEx app

Press release

Melissa Leintz, a local Financial Advisor for Edward Jones in New London, would like to extend an invitation to Andover area residents for a small get-together that occurs at her office each month.

Melissa, and her Branch Office Administrator, Charlotte Rivera, have been hosting a Coffee Club at their branch; where community members have been coming together in an informal, neutral space to discuss the current market, build relationships, drink coffee, and enjoy some fresh, from-scratch pastries since November 2019.

“Our Coffee Club provides a unique opportunity for local community members to ask questions, stay updated, learn more, and get involved for the benefit of themselves and others. We realize that most of the contact individuals have with a financial advisor is in a formal appointment setting, which may or may not always be the most comfortable, appropriate, or effective time for relationship building.

Our goal is to provide a relaxed environment, where you feel comfortable asking questions, bringing concerns, and getting to know one another. Our regular attendees enjoy the opportunity to converse in depth, and relish the diversity of thought that new faces contribute to the group.” – Charlotte Rivera, Branch Office Administrator for Edward Jones

During this time of uncertainty and social distancing, we would like you to know that while our April Coffee Club can not meet in person, we are still dedicated to engaging you in discussion. We are happy to provide you with a current Market Outlook, hear your questions, and discuss your concerns, while you enjoy a cup of coffee from your recliner.

If you would like an invitation to Melissa Leintz’s interactive WebEx Q&A Coffee Club, to be held on the fourth Wednesday; April 22, from 9:30 to 10:30 AM, please e-mail for an e-vite.

All interested parties are welcome, and inquiries are encouraged! If you’d like more information about this month’s topic, you can reach Charlotte or Melissa, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM at 877-0382.