Upper Valley Humane Society Presents: Roho, Milo, and Maya

Press release

Org - Other Org - Upper Valley Humane Society - Pet of the Month

Est. DOB : 5 yrs. (each)

Gender: Male & Females

Breed: Basset Hound/Dachshund Mix

A little bit about us: Maya, Milo, and Roho are a ready-made canine family who would jump at the chance to expand their tribe! They’re siblings who have always stuck together through thick and thin, and finding a new home is just another adventurous chapter in their life together. Milo is a good brother to the two females and helps them overcome their seeing and hearing impairments by acting as their personal guide. Not to naysay an iconic super-family like the Brady Bunch, but these three really outdo them by a mile, and they want to share their life with you. We’re talking about an already stellar love multiplied times three here. If you love love, you really can’t pass up meeting these three!