Agree Or Disagree, Chris Sununu is the Governor of New Hampshire

By Louise Andrus

I was very disappointed with an opinion article in The Andover Beacon last month on “How Do We Govern the State Without Holding Meetings? GOFERR is not in the best interests.”

I have felt and continue to feel that during this COVID-19 period of time, with everything pertaining to this virus being new in nature and all of us being in unknown times, that we were and continue to be united people working with one another to make our changes in life work, the best way we can. I have felt we were not partisan, meaning we were not Republicans, nor Democrats, nor Independents. But I was wrong. In my opinion this whole article was politically based and politically directed.

First and foremost, Chris Sununu was voted in by the voters of New Hampshire in 2018 as Governor. It was and still is his job to govern the State. Whether any one of us agrees or disagrees with his decisions, he is the Governor of New Hampshire.This whole COVID-19  pandemic has been new to everyone including Governor Sununu.  I am sure he was not given a book on COVID-19 and what to do. I would not want to be in Governor Sununu’s shoes, as no matter what he does or does not do it is impossible for him to please everyone.

In this particular article there was the mention of Hitler. Was the writer referring that the Governor might act like Hitler? I felt the use of Hitler wording was inappropriate and insincere in a period of time when we need to be optimistic.

As for the State House being closed and the House Legislature not working, that is the Legislature’s fault. There have been many governmental and non governmental organizations and businesses holding virtual meetings, and in my opinion the Legislature could have done the same thing. I have been attending one to three Zoom meetings a week. It is different but has served its purpose.

I was very taken aback when the article stated, “Now, I trust that the Governor means to do right by the People of New Hampshire, but could anyone stop him if he decided to send part of the state’s $1.25 billion in federal emergency funds to say, bail out the out-of-state industries that are his political supporters.” To me the disdain of Governor Sununu was very evident.

In my opinion, I would have rather had an article written by Representative Ken Wells advising his constituents on what was available that might be of help. What I mean by that is, for example, the Taxpayer Assistance for Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief, which most people do not know exists.

The Low & Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief program was designed to lessen the economic burden of the State Education Property Tax on certain at-risk taxpayers.

An eligible applicant for the Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief is a person who is:

Single with adjusted gross income equal to or less than $20,000; or
Married or head of New Hampshire household with adjusted gross income less than or equal to $40,000; and
Owns a homestead subject to the State Education Property Tax; and
Has resided in that homestead on April 1 of the year for which the claim is made.

Applications for the Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief are accepted only during the statutory filing period – after May 1, but no later than June 30. The law allows 120 days for processing from the date of receipt of your completed application. For assistance, contact the Department of Revenue Administration at 230-5920 – press prompt 2, then prompt 2 again.

Things like the property tax relief program help people who may at this time, through no fault of their own, wonder how they are going to feed their family, or pay the mortgage or rent, pay property taxes, or question when they can go back to work.

On another subject, absentee voting, it Is my opinion that come Fall of 2020 when elections are held in September and November, that we all need to go to the polls to vote. The exception would be those who qualify for absentee ballots under New Hampshire laws, or who are vulnerable to COVID-19. They should be able to vote by absentee ballot.

I contacted a friend of mine, Representative Greg Hill, Northfield, on absentee voting as he is very knowledgeable on this subject. Greg replied to “My view of absentee voting in the letter by Judith Ackerson.”

“New Hampshire consistently has a very high voter turnout in our elections under the current laws so I’m just not sure what problem Ms. Ackerson proposes to fix. My concern of unlimited absentee voting lies in the confidence that the person requesting the absentee ballot is, in all cases, the same registered voter. Nationally, many examples of lax adherence to laws and procedures, resulting in the possibility of fraudulent ballots actually being counted, have been chronicled in places where unlimited absentee voting is used extensively. We don’t want that to happen here, obviously.  If the goal is to increase the percentage of voters by making the process and procedures looser, I simply say first, there is no evidence of the problem of voter turnout being a problem in New Hampshire, and second, there is no evidence that unlimited absentee voting will increase the percentages beyond our very high current standard. How the elections will play out in New Hampshire is, at this point in time, anyone’s guess, however I, for one, would trust that the outcome reflects the people’s will ONLY IF the absentee registered voter in ALL cases was verifiable.  And while that is currently NOT the case, therefore I can’t see how loosening the rules without tightening up the verification process makes any sense at all.”
Rep Greg Hill, Northfield NH
Merrimack Ward 3
Thank you Greg for your input.

Late in August 2018 I was asked if I would run as a write-in Republican candidate for the Merrimack/District 1 (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury) Legislative House seat. My answer was “Yes.”  I obtained the 30 votes necessary in the Primary to be placed on the General Election ballot. I lost the General election by only 42 votes. I thought it was great for a newbie.

I am back and ready to be a candidate again. On June 2, 2020 I plan on filing the paperwork as a candidate for the Merrimack County, District 1 (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury) House Legislative seat. There will be an official announcement in the future.

I believe the election in the Fall will decide New Hampshire’s future, either Freedom or Socialism.

Louise Andrus