Transfer Station Makes Changes Due To COVID-19

Normally a social gathering place, please don't linger

By Marjorie Roy

The Transfer Station remains open during posted hours. To protect employees and residents, the following changes have been made.

The Transfer Station can be a congregating area for people. While residents may normally stop to say hello and catch up, the Town asks residents not to linger or visit on the premises. Residents are asked to dispose of items quickly and maintain a six-foot distance between one another.

Cardboard, aluminum, and plastic require additional handling by the Transfer Station personnel and therefore, until further notice, need to go in the solid waste hopper instead of the Recycling Building.

We understand that many of you have your children home with you as the schools and daycares have closed, and you may not be able to leave them at home when you come to the Transfer Station. Please have your child(ren) stay in your vehicle while you are disposing of trash. This is for their safety.

We appreciate your cooperation!