Members Feel Blessed To Have Co-Pastors During Challenging Time

Bill and Cinnamon are both ordained priests

By Sandy Miller

Greetings from the Andover Community Church (Anglican). I thought some of you might like to know a little bit about our new co-pastors, Cinnamon and Bill Blomquist.

Bill has been in the ministry since 1981 and became ordained after attending Fuller Theological Seminary in 1995. He has been involved in numerous churches from Denver to Houston and, more recently North Hollywood, California, where he was responsible for Discipleship and Pastoral Care. He has also served as Interim Priest at two other churches in the Anglican Diocese of New England.

Cinnamon, also an ordained priest, received her Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, and additionally earned a Master’s in Music (Jazz Flute) from the Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, and Oberlin Music Conservatory in Ohio. She is currently a hospice chaplain at Lake Sunapee Regional VNA and Hospice in New London.

Cinnamon also serves as a member of the Massachusetts National Guard. She says, “Both Bill and I love God’s presence, his word, and his people. We look forward to serving and growing the body of Christ in Andover together.” We feel very blessed to have them serve at our church.

My, how times have changed! The Covid-19 virus has certainly played havoc with our lives. We at the church pray for our country, neighbors, friends, and families, each time we gather, asking the Lord to watch over us and keep us safe and strong as we work through these difficult times.

We did get to have our Easter Sunrise Service on Maple Street.The 6 AM gathering was timed perfectly to see a gorgeous sunrise.The “Flowering of the Cross” was also held at this time and was beautiful against the rising sun. Everyone took cautions wearing face masks and practicing safe social distancing, of course. A big “thank you” to Sandra and John Graves for hosting our service on their property.

As are most organizations, groups, etc., the work of the church is now being done on the internet. To keep abreast of what’s going on, please visit us at or call the church office at 735-5160. This website is kept current by Pastor Bill.

The Andover Community Church does have a prayer chain. If you or someone you know needs prayer, call Ginny Newton at 934-3171, and she will get the word out. In addition, healing prayer appointments can be scheduled with trained leaders, either in person or on ZOOM, by calling the church office.

Remember, you are always welcome to visit Andover Community Church, even in these times. Our website has everything you will need to know about our church, and how to get online via ZOOM for our Sunday 10 AM services and other weekly gatherings.
Thought for the Day: Forget yourself for the sake of others and others will not forget you.