Forty Year Old East Andover Fire Station Cupola Gets Rebuild

By Rene Lefebvre
The cupola was built by Jim Lafiosca in 1981 when the East Andover Fire Station was constructed. It housed the siren that was used to notify the firemen of a fire in days gone by. The weather and the weight of the siren took its toll and the cupola needed to be removed and rebuilt. Doug Cronin and Brad Varney of Belmont were hired to do the project. The cupola was removed last fall and was rebuilt over the winter. It returned to East Andover late last week and was reinstalled this past weekend. This project has made many of us older firemen realize that the station is almost forty years old. What does that mean for those of us that had a hand in its construction? The project came out great and the fresh cupola would make Jim Lafiosca proud. Caption: Rene Lefebvre. Photo: Peter Agoos