Andover’s Cable TV Station Needs Your Online Meetings

Recording your meetings or events helps community

By Charlie Darling

Andover has its own local video channel. On Comcast, it’s Channel 8; on TDS it’s Channel 16. Volunteers Tina Cotton, Bob Norander, and I work to keep as much Andover-specific video airing on the channel as possible.

We also post a link on the Town’s website ( on the “Community Videos” page to each Andover-specific video that we air on the cable channel.

The current pandemic has made it difficult or impossible for us to get the video around town that we need for the cable channel and the “Community Videos” page. In a time when maintaining physical distance is threatening to erode our community’s social connections and our ability to participate in Town government, we’re asking for the community’s help.

If you’re running a meeting or an event online that would normally be open to the public, please consider clicking the Record button (in Zoom or whatever online meeting app you’re using) and saving the video to your computer. Once you’ve done that, our team can convert it, edit it if you like, and air it on the cable channel and post it on the Town’s website.

We’re all learning this technology together, so don’t worry if you “don’t know how to do it.” Neither do we! But we’re very good at figuring these things out. We can, and we will, figure out how to make it easy for you.

If you host public Andover meetings or events online, please contact me at We can discuss all your questions and concerns, and we’ll figure out how to make your important contributions to our community visible to the community once again. It’s important that we do that!