Important Facts About The Intent-To-Cut Form For Logging

The form is a tax document, not a permit to cut

By Marjorie Roy

The following information is a reminder for anyone intending to do logging, that an Intent-to-Cut form must be completed by all parties and submitted before any work can begin. Exemptions to this rule include cutting up to 10,000 board feet of logs or 20 cords of firewood from your own land for your own use, not for sale. 


The Intent-to-Cut form originates with the Department of Revenue Administration and is available online at

It is a tax document only. It is not a permit. Once the landowner and logger have filled out the form and sent it to the Select Board’s office, the Select Boardwill certify with their signatures that:

1. All owners of record have signed the Intent
2. The land is not under the Current Use Unproductive category
3. The form is complete and accurate
4. Any timber bond required has been received
5. The tax collector will be notified with 30 days of receipt pursuant to RSAA 79:10
6. The form will be forwarded to DRA within 30 days.

After certification, an operation number is assigned to the Intent-to-Cut form prior to distribution.  Distribution:  The original, signed copy is retained by the Town, a copy to the owner, a copy to the logger, and a copy to the Department of Revenue Administration.