Curbside Book Pick-Up To Begin June 1 At Andover Libraries

Look at online catalogs for available books

By Janet Moore

The Andover Libraries are reopening. Phase One starts with curbside book pickup service. Please follow the steps outlined below to order books:


  • Check our online catalogs to see what is available.  Links to the catalogs and important announcements can be found at



  • We will let you know when we have the titles ready for you.


  • Come to the library during our regular hours. (Please see the website for our hours.) The library will be locked; please call us to let us know that you are outside the library. We will leave a bag for you on the steps or on the porch.


  • If you would like to return books, please do so only during regular hours.  There will be a cardboard box on the steps of the Andover Library and on the porch of the Bachelder Library for returning books. If you are returning books to the Andover library and it is raining, please place the book carefully in the drop box, which will have a paper bag or cardboard box liner.


  • Please hold any used book donations at home right now.


  • Please be in touch with us if you have any questions.


We are excited to begin library services again!