Absentee Ballots Are Available On Andover Town Website

Voters can make their own determination about risk

By Kent Hackmann

Do you worry that your health will be in danger from COVID-19 by traditional voting in person?

If yes, Governor Sununu says you can protect yourself and others by using an absentee ballot to vote by mail in the primary and general elections.  The Secretary of State and the Attorney General believe that citizens concerned about their health have reasonable grounds to conclude that a “physical disability” exists. 

Each voter can make a reasonable determination that a risk is present.  Persons who are obligated to stay at home because of employment, with or without compensation, as caregivers for children or infirm adults, may also vote by absentee ballot.

The September 8 primary and the November 3 general election are coming up quickly.  Absentee voters should act now to prevent a surge in requests at election time.

I have downloaded an absentee ballot application from the Andover Town website at Andover-NH.gov/files. (Scroll down the page to “Town Clerk & Tax Collector.”) I could also get the application from SoS.NH.gov.

Kent Hackmann