Fourth of July Events Are Cancelled, But Committee Offers Alternatives

Visit their Facebook page; pick up a program booklet

Press release
This picture, taken in 1981, shows Etta Currier Haughton. She and Olive Seavey started the Fourth of July celebration as we know it today.

This picture, taken in 1981, shows Etta Currier Haughton. She and Olive Seavey started the Fourth of July celebration as we know it today. 

Taken in 1987, this picture shows people partaking of the Ham and Bean Supper, held during the Fourth of July celebration.

It just doesn’t feel right! This year’s Fourth of July in Andover will be like no other! But, in the name of keeping our friends and neighbors safe, we’ve made the tough decision to cancel the celebration for this year. Times like these are when Andover’s spirit shines brightest. For this year we’ll have to put on our own personal Fourth of July celebrations. We hope every house in town makes it a great day.

Normally, at this time of year, the Fourth of July Committee is going full tilt to get everything in place for the big day. Instead, we are already dreaming about next year’s celebration.


The committee is offering a few bright spots, though. Go to the Andover New Hampshire July 4th Facebook page and post your favorite memory of past events. We already have at least 24 memories posted there and hope to have many, many more. Look around and find the previous posts and add yours. Choose from the list which includes the old Midway, past parades, Leapin’ Lena, and let’s not forget our own Andover One Wheelers.

Also on our Facebook page there will be a slideshow of photos of past celebrations. On the actual day of the Fourth, tune in to our local Andover TV station to see last year’s parade.

As is our tradition, a program booklet with info about the committee, the origin of the Fourth celebration, and the dedication will be available. This year we are honoring Howard and Ellie George. They have been helpers of the Fourth Committee, the elementary/middle school, the recreation program and the community in general for many, many years. We are humbled. Be sure to get your copy of the booklet at one of our local businesses. (A big thank you to Jen Bent for her hard work in creating this year’s booklet.)

There are many symbols for our great country such as the Flag, the Capitol in Washington DC, and Uncle Sam. During the week leading up to the Fourth, stop by the Village Green, look for Uncle Sam, and take a selfie with him and post it on the Andover NH 4th of July Facebook page. (Thank you, Charlie Darling, for providing the image!)

So, in the name of safety, we’ll see you next year. We will be busy preparing for the best celebration ever! The countdown starts now…