Andover High School Alumni Share Memories With Each Other

Annual reunion cancelled due to COVID concerns

By Judy Poblenz Perreault '53

We are very disappointed that we are not able to have our Andover High School all-class annual reunion this year. We will miss seeing our classmates. For a small school, we had a lot of spirit, and all of the classes worked together. We needed everyone for teams, plays, and other school activities.

An activity that everyone looked forward to was our school newspaper, The Blue and White  Banner. Each issue was eagerly awaited so we could see who was dating, what funny things had happened, the stories, the poems, and the sports news.

Fortunately, some forward-thinking folks saved their copies, so we are able to publish some of the items from these papers.The poem that follows was written by Ben Burroughs and seems apt for the present:

Judge Not

Judge not lest you be judged yourself, a saying old and true.
Be careful what you say about a someone you may view.
Don’t form opinions from the things you may chance to hear.
For information second hand is often out of gear.
Don’t ridicule before you know what you are speaking of.
But rather practice tolerance and flavor it with love.
Before you speak, investigate and know of what you say.
For by your actions you can cause someone a real dismay.
But if you think, I know you’ll break the chain of wrong and hate.
That seems to wrap around the world, touching the small and great.

Sadly, we have lost a number of our classmates since our last reunion: Jane Thompson Currier, Esther Lajoie Grace, Wilbur Grace, Patricia Dines Sharrar, Sousa Roberts Hoyt, Barbara Laughy Sanborn, and William Thomas. Our sympathies go out to their families and friends.

Let’s hope that by next year our classes can meet again!