A Rebuttal About Socialism and Its Many Forms

By Louise Andrus Candidate for New Hampshire House Merrimack District 1

Pecco Beaufays gave his opinion in the July Andover Beacon regarding my statement, “I believe the election in the Fall will decide New Hampshire’s future, either Freedom or Socialism.” But Pecco had no idea what I meant by the statement that I had made.

Freedom is a powerful word.  It can mean a lot of different things.  To me Freedom means having the power or right to act, speak, or think as I want without hindrance or restraint.  These powers or rights are given to me by God,  the US Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution.

There are many types of socialism. and no single definition can sum up all of them.  For example there is democratic socialism, revolutionary socialism, libertarian socialism, market socialism, ethical socialism, evolutionary socialism, scientific socialism, authoritarian socialism, green socialism, and Fabian socialism, to name a few.  Socialism is an ideology and is defined as  a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.  Each type of socialism can also be tweaked to fit an agenda.  An ideology is a set of opinions or beliefs of a group or an individual.
It was Pecco’s  opinion that when I mentioned socialism it was that of democratic socialism. The socialism I was referring to was along the line of Fabian socialism, which is a British socialist organization known as the Fabian Society which was founded in January 1884. The following was taken from an article on the internet “Barack Obama, Fabian Socialist-Forbes”:  “Fabians believe in gradual nationalization of the economy through manipulation of the democratic process. Breaking away from the violent revolutionary socialists of their day, they thought that the only real way to effect ‘fundamental change’ and ‘social justice’ was through a mass movement of the working classes presided over by intellectual and cultural elites.”

In my opinion this is what is happening in New Hampshire.  For example in 2019 and 2020   gun control bills went through the Legislature but did not become law:  2019 HB 564,HB 109, HB 514, HB 696; 2020 HB 1608, HB 1660, HB 1285, HB 1101, HB 1379.   Also, Bloomberg’s money from New York came to New Hampshire to help push through gun bills and one especially, known as the “Red Flag” law. When laws of this nature start going through the Legislature, if they became law it would be taking away our  rights. In my opinion this is somewhat Fabian socialism is all about.  Laws are changed taking away our freedom a little bit at a time.

Pecco’s  writing also made the statement,  “The  Republicans and right-wing factions espouse an ideology of small government without services, and say ‘please do not interfere in my life.’”

As for social programs, the Democrats are always advocating for social programs but they never tell us who is going to pay for them.  Our State has a shortage of income due to COVID-19.  According to what I have been reading, some of the answers are increasing or adding more taxes.  Enough is enough!  It is time for the State to tighten its belt, just like we do in our homes, and cut the budget and bring spending under control.

As for Pecco’s statement referring to Republicans “please do not interfere in my life” is puzzling as to his meaning.  I know or know of many Republicans in Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury who have given and continue giving to their respective communities every day of their lives.

As for freedoms I support our Law Enforcement, and I want to say thank you to each one of you as you put your life on the line to protect us.

I stand my ground on my statement that “I believe the election in the Fall will decide New Hampshire’s future, either Freedom or Socialism.