Andover School Board AE/MS Meeting Minutes June 2, 2020

By Judith Turk

June 2, 2020
This meeting was held remotely (online/telephonically) pursuant to
Governor’s Emergency Order #12, dated March 23, 2020.

As a preface to the meeting, Board Chair Dean Barker presented the “Presiding Member’s Script To Ensure Meetings Are Compliant With The Right-to Know Law During The State Of Emergency.”

Board Present:  Dean Barker – home, solo; Aimee Menard – home, solo; Brandon Adams – home, solo; Adam Jones – home, solo

Administration Present:  Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Robin Heins, Kathleen Boucher, Jane Slayton. Judith Turk.

Public Present:  Hilary Denoncourt

Public Comment:  None

Board Chairperson’s Report: Dean acknowledged that this was the last Andover School Board Meeting for Robin Heins, SAU 46 Business Administrator, and for Jane Slayton, AE/MS Principal.  He thanked them for their years of service to the Andover community.  He also expressed gratitude for the continued attention, concern, and engagement of students at AE/MS during remote learning.  He is grateful for the celebration planned for the eighth grade graduates.

Principal’s Report:  Jane spoke of end-of-year events including the Kindergarten Drive-Through Celebration, Eighth Grade Graduation, Art Show, Professional Development Days for staff, and the return of technology devices and student materials.

STRRT Task Force and Next Year:  Mark detailed the breakdown of groups for the SAU 46 Return to School Framework discussions and planning process.

July ASB Meeting:  Adam made the motion to hold an Andover School Board meeting no later than July 14 to discuss updates relating to the Return to School Framework. All were in favor.

Superintendent’s Report:  Mark acknowledged both Robin and Jane for their years of service to the Andover School District and SAU 46.  He and Randy continue to participate in virtual conferences with the New Hampshire Department of Education, and they are awaiting further end-of-school-year and school-opening guidance.  


CARES Act (ESRR) funding is pending.  He provided a personnel update. Sara Colson has been hired as the middle school Math teacher.  Graduating seniors of the Andover School District will receive their high school diplomas at the New Hampshire Speedway on Saturday, June 13.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report:  Randy described Jane as the heart of AE/MS, always looking for the best in kids.  He thanked Robin for all of her support.  He stated that there is an organized plan in place for technology device pick-up on June 12.