A Volunteer Highway Department Committee Has Been Formed

By Patricia Swingle

There was recently a volunteer opportunity within the Town of Andover for a Highway Department Committee. Our purpose is to attempt to find an adequate solution for the direction of the new Highway Department, ranging from location to staffing and everything in between.

This team was organized in May, and we have been meeting on a regular basis since. This committee is comprised of individuals who have both lived in Andover their whole lives and newly imported citizens. There is a wide array of knowledge and experience in this group, and we are hoping to find an efficient, cost effective, and permanent solution to this long-standing topic.

We are excited about working collaboratively together to make the best decisions for our town, and we hope the people of Andover see the benefits of the choices we are making. We welcome and encourage any feedback into this process from our community. If you have something to add, please e-mail this group at HighwayDepartmentCommittee2020@nullgmail.com.