Repeat Sale of Antiques to be Held Inside Freight Shed

2021 AHS calendar will be available

By Larry Chase
The Andover Historical Society’s 2021 fund-raising calendar features pictures of Andover’s earliest homes.  Photo: Larry Chase

On Saturday, Sept. 19, between 10 AM and 4 PM, the Historical Society will hold a repeat sale of antiques and historical items inside its freight shed, and — weather permitting — an outdoor flea market, both on the grounds of the Potter Place railroad station.  Social distancing will be in effect. 

The Andover Historical Society’s 2021 fund-raising calendar, featuring a dozen photographs  (and one sketch) of Andover’s earliest homes, is now on sale, and can be purchased for $10 at the freight shed sale (see above), or by calling Gail Richards (498-64390 or Ellen Langlais (496-9480). Researched and assembled by Society member Ken Reid, the photos often also contain images of the dwellings’ early residents, and the captions identify their current owners.   The calendar is dedicated to Ed and Mary Hiller, who “throughout the years … have consistently proven themselves as grounded, generous, good hard-working, and enthusiastic individuals, each possessing a high degree of competence, humility, energy, and good humor,” according to the caption next to their photos.

The Society’s annual auction, held this year via the internet, was a week-long affair in August  that drew 39 bidders for the 65 items displayed on their computer screens. Auction sales were $1,368.35. Highest bid, $195, was on an old ice box in excellent condition.  “The buyer’s wife said she had been looking for one for years,” according to Historical Society volunteer Pam Cooper.

From the Historical Society’s email inbox:  “My parents, siblings, spouses, and kids, extended family and I all come from all over New England to Webster Lake every summer for a week of family time.  Every year for the past two decades I have traveled the rail trail on my bike to stop and rest at Potter Place. I am sitting here right now in the garden. This spot is so well cared for, and so genuine in its message, so clearly maintained with deep affection, that my moments here are carried in my heart all year long. I  am writing this to thank you for creating this educational and serenely meditative spot for visitors to come and learn about the history of Potter Place, and also just to steal a few moments of peace.” “Sincerely, Karen King”