Planning Board Minutes, Approved – July 14, 2020

Condensed from approved minutes
July 14, 2020

Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis and in accordance with Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #12 pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, this Board is authorized to meet electronically.  The public has access to contemporaneously listen and participate in this meeting through the video.

Members Present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Art Urie, Vice-Chair; Doug Phelps; John Hodgson; David Powers; Randy Monti; Donna Duclos, Alternate; and John Kinney, ex-officio

Also present: Pat Moyer, Planning and Zoning Administrator; Ray Critch, Horizon Engineering; Shawn MacKinnon; Kathy and Gretchen Hildebrand

Non-Binding Consultation: Constance McLeod for a Lot Line Adjustment on previous subdivision – Monticello Drive with Ray Critch of Horizon Engineering as agent. Property at Tax Map 18, Lots 432,002 and 444-64 in the Agricultural / Residential Zone

An application for a lot line adjustment was received along with a letter from McLeod authorizing Critch to act as her agent along with a confirmatory quit claim deed, a list of abutters, and a map of the location. The new lot was created in December 2019 with under five acres. The adjustment will add .97 acres to the newly created lot for a total of 5.05 acres.  


There being no concerns of the board, a roll call vote was made in favor of deeming the application complete.

Non-Binding Consultation:  Shawn MacKinnon; 266 Main Street in the Village Zone

MacKinnon explained to the board that his property is for sale; however, Avitar has the property listed as a single-family residence and Andover has the property listed as a five-unit home consisting of a single owner residence and four apartments.  MacKinnon is looking for some type of documentation to provide to the prospective purchasers indicating that the property is a five-unit home consisting of a single-owner residence with four apartments.  Teach and Moyer will provide this documentation.

Non-Binding Consultation: Site Plan Review for Kathy Hildebrand, for a Farm Products Seasonal Portable Trailer Stand.  The property is 89 Lawrence Street, Tax Map 19, Lot 708,013 and is in the Village Zone

A Site Plan Review application was received along with an abutters list and fees.  Teach stated that as this is an approved use in the Village Zone, a Site Plan Review would not be necessary.  


Phelps and Duclos indicated they have concerns about parking.  Hildebrand responded that directional indicators could be provided for traffic flow.  Hildebrand asked what the difference is between this proposal and a yard sale.  Kinney responded that a yard sale is a one-time event versus this being on-going sales. 


Urie asked what the hours of operation would be, and Hildebrand responded weekends would be 10 AM to 5 PM right now, and once it is fall, 4 PM until 6 or 7 PM.  


Hildebrand asked if she could put a sign up for Sunny Delight next to the driveway on the south-side of her property near the Beech Hill and Bradley Lake Roads intersection, and the response was yes; however, she would need to complete a sign application and to be careful regarding the location of the sign for line-of-sight. 


There being no further discussion, the board voted unanimously via roll-call vote to deem the application complete. Teach stated that as this is a permitted use in the Village Zone, a public hearing is not necessary.

Status of Revised Official Town Village Maps: Phelps stated there has been no contact from Lakes Region Planning Commission regarding the maps.

Status of Draft Proposal for Planned Unit Development: Urie stated there has been no progress on this.

Status of Commercial / Business Zone Proposal: Kinney stated he has been unable to find a good example of a town the size of Andover with a Commercial / Business Zone.  Kinney also stated that the area between The Refinery Restaurant and Route 4A would be the best location for Andover to have a Commercial / Business Zone.

Additional Items

Teach and Moyer will work on identifying the new properties for the expanded Village Zones.

Moyer asked if the Pine Outlet was located in the expanded Village Zone, and the response was no.