East Andover Village Preschool Is Ready for Fall Programs

Place orders for the Mums fundraiser by September 8

By Kimberly Faust Director, EAVP
A Welcome sign greets students and parents at the East Andover Preschool, which is ready for students to return to in-person classroom programs. Photo: Kimberly Faust

The 2020-2021 school year is finally here and we are excited to be back! Since unexpectedly closing in March our teachers and kiddos are so excited to be back playing, learning, laughing, and creating together.

Our small school on the hill is doing everything that we can to keep our friends safe this year! We are operating at half capacity with shorter hours to allow for smaller group sizes and more time for cleaning. Social distancing and cleaning protocols are in place, and with that said we predict that most kiddos will not notice the difference.

East Andover Village Preschool is ready to help you get into the fall mood. We are continuing our annual Mums fundraiser. This year we are partnering with DC Cole Growers out in Loudon to help spruce up your home. One eight inch pot is $8 and can come in a variety colors (burgundy, yellow, orange to purple). If you are local to Andover and would like to place an order you can email us at eavp@nulltds.net or reach out to a family that you know attends our school. All orders need to be in by September 8, and the Mums will be delivered to the preschool the last week of September. Fundraisers like these help keep our school open and our tuition low.

Feel more comfortable keeping your preschoolers at home this year? Here are some fun tips for getting your child ready for kindergarten and beyond. Establish curriculum or school time, make sure that your child understands when it is time to learn and when it is time to play. Practice emerging curriculum, take your child’s interests and teach them more about those. Example – if your child is interested in bugs, take them outside and catch bugs and then examine them. Add games to make it fun, ditch the counting worksheets and count cars you see as you are driving. Also have fun with it, we are all learning every day.