Fall Activities Include Preparing for a Halloween Parade

Also accepting applications for multiple positions

By Kimberly Faust
Jojo, Cal, Briar, Axel, Hayes, Keagan, Avery, and Lauralei are washing our carrots before we eat them. Photo: Kristie Boisvert

Fall is quickly approaching, and we are so grateful to be back at our small school.

We have been enjoying picking our apples and peaches and harvesting our carrots. At our school we had a Monarch caterpillar and it was magical to have watched it go into his chrysalis and then emerge as a butterfly.

As the cold weather comes, we look forward to continuing to spend as much time as we can outside, playing in the leaves, exploring pumpkins, and maybe even making scarecrows.

Here at EAVP we love playing dress up and Halloween is no exception. This year we are so excited to be having a Halloween parade! If you are a past preschool family and would like to join our parade email Miss Kimberly (eavp@nulltds.net) for details. If you are local to East Andover and would like to watch our parade, plan to view from your cars in the Andover Community Church parking lot on Friday, October 30 at 10:30 AM. It’s guaranteed to be a spooky time.

Our small school is currently hiring both part-time and full-time positions. We are accepting applications for a full-time director position (Starting 1/1/21), and multiple substitute teaching positions, based on your availability. Please send your resume and cover letter to Eavp@nulltds.net by the end of the month.