The Historical Society is Looking for Identification of Mystery Object

By Larry Chase Andover Historical Society
The Andover Historical Society is asking people to identify this object of unknown origin, and its purpose. Photo: Larry Chase

What the heck is this, and what was it used for?  It’s about three feet long, one foot maximum width, strong wooden frame with iron straps on the ends, old canvas pieces hand-stitched on wide rawhide, 24-inch-long chains on each end. Previous owner unknown.

If you know its purpose, please contact the Andover Historical Society, its current owner, at Be sure to leave your name, telephone number, or e-mail address. A small prize will be offered.

The object shown above (along with many others) can be viewed on Saturday afternoons between noon and  3 PM on October 3 and 10 in the freight shed next to the Potter Place railroad station and Emons General Store. All these Historical Society holdings will be open to the public during those times, with the freight shed offering a continuation of its sale of antiques and historical items. Masks and social distancing will be in effect in all facilities.