KCOA Program List for October 2020

Press release

Tom & Tom’s Men’s Discussion Group – Mondays at 9 AM via Zoom
We want to hear your stories and we’ll share a few of our own. Please call COA at 526-6368 to join.

French Discussion Group – First and Third Mondays at 4:15 PM via Zoom
Join this casual, friendly group to practice your language skills and have fun. Participants at all skill levels are welcome! Please call COA at 526-6368 to join.

VNA Foot Care Clinic at COA – Third Monday (Oct. 19) at 9:30 AM – 2 PM
$25 Please call COA at 526-6368 to schedule an appointment.

Bingo! – Mondays at 1 PM
Ten games for $5. Ten bingo sheets with 6 cards on each sheet. Participants must be 55 years old and older. Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Chair Exercises – Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 AM
This low impact exercise program is perfect for those looking for an easy, effective exercise routine. Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Outdoor Recreation for Seniors – Tuesdays at 10 AM
Join this active group to bike, hike, kayak, and more! Please call COA at 526-6368 to register
prior to your first activity.

Memoir Writing Group – Tuesdays at 10 AM via Zoom
Please call COA at 526-6368 to join.

Book Discussion Group – Tuesday, October 13 at 10 AM via Zoom
The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. In 1947, pregnant Charlie St. Clair, an American college girl banished from her family, arrives in London to find out what happened to her beloved cousin Rose, who disappeared in Nazi-occupied France during the war, and meets a former spy who, torn apart by betrayal, agrees to help her on her mission. Please contact Jo-Ann at jroy@nulltracylibrary.org for a link to attend the meeting.

Walk-In Painting Group – Tuesdays at 1 PM
Bring your current painting project to work on. This is an informal group and we’d love to have you join us. Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Needlework Craft Group – Wednesdays at 1 – 3 PM
Love to cross stitch, do needlework, quilt, knit or crochet? We’d love to chat, laugh, and get to know the folks who enjoy the same hobbies we enjoy. Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Women’s Discussion Group – First and Second Thursdays at 1 PM
Get to know your neighbors over a casual cup of coffee. Join friends, new and old, to visit, chat and share! Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Humanist, Agnostic, Atheist Discussion Group – Third Thursday (Oct. 15) at  1:30 PM Welcome to those who are interested in delving into a variety of humanist and non-theist topics. We share our knowledge and experiences related to the challenging questions of religion, spirituality, and how they influence our lives. Using reason, critical thinking, and honest examination, we do our best to approach personal truths. Bring your thoughts, your questions, and an open mind, and join our lively, respectful monthly discussions. Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Caregiver Support and Discussion Group – Fourth Thursday (Oct. 22) at 1 PM
There is no instruction manual for being a caregiver! Join this peer-led group to learn tips, strategies and advice from those experiencing the same challenges and rewards. Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Movie Matinee – Fifth Thursday (Oct. 29) at 1 PM
Winter 1968 and showbiz legend Judy Garland arrives in Swinging London to perform a five-week sold-out run at The Talk of the Town. As she prepares for the show, she battles with management, charms musicians and reminisces with friends and adoring fans, her wit and warmth shine through. Even her dreams of love seem undimmed as she embarks on a whirlwind romance with Mickey Deans, her soon-to-be fifth husband. Featuring some of her best-known songs, the film celebrates the voice, the capacity for love, and the sheer pizazz of “the world’s greatest entertainer.” Please call COA to register. Limit of 10 participants.

Computer Tutoring with Nick Oursouff
Nick will be available for on-line tutoring sessions. Nick has an extensive background in computers from teaching to programming. Please call COA at 526-6368 for registration information.


We’ve added some exciting on-line learning opportunities through our new partnership with “Senior Learning Network.” These LIVE programs will take you all around the country to museums and landmarks right from the comfort of your own home! Just call COA at 526-6368 to register for the programs and we’ll give you the Zoom connection information.

Thursday, October 1 at 2 PM
Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site

Before the first African American military pilots became known as the “Red Tails”, their flying adventure started at Moton Field, in Tuskegee, Alabama, where the Army Air Corps conducted a military test training African Americans to fly. Join us as we tour historic Moton Field, exploring their training, combat roles, and fight for equal rights at home.

Tuesday, October 6 at 2 PM
“Animal Adaptations in the Yellowstone Ecosystem”
Draper Natural History Museum in the Center of the West

Animals truly are amazing! They can survive in their environments through their amazing adaptations. During this lesson, viewers will discover the basic habitat needs of animals, and explore how living things adapt to seasons and environments. Viewers will journey through four habitats in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem – the alpine, forest, mountain meadow, and plains/basin environments. We will visit immersive museum exhibits that highlight animals in each of these unique habitats.

Thursday, October 8 at 2 PM

Virtual Tour from the National Museum of the Pacific War

Come and take a virtual tour of this fabulous museum! Discover the human story of World War II in the Pacific in more than 55,000 square feet of exhibit space spread over three galleries located on six acres in the heart of Fredericksburg, Texas. The National Museum of the Pacific War is the only museum in the continental U.S. solely dedicated to telling the story of WWII in the Pacific.

Tuesday, October 13 at 2 PM
SPAM MUSEUM?! Yes, the SPAM Museum!

This fun virtual experience is designed to provide a chance for you to interact with SPAMbassadors as we go through a tour of the SPAM Museum. The museum itself tells about the history and start of the Hormel company. As well as its involvement in WWII and other wars. We talk about the cultural impact that SPAM has had all around the globe and highlight some unique markets. We teach you the 6 simple ingredients that go into making classic SPAM. Bring your favorite memories of a SPAM!

Thursday, October 15 at 2 PM
American Impressionism- Amon Carter Museum of American Art

By viewing and discussing art works by Mary Cassatt, William Merritt Chase, Childe Hassam, John Singer Sargent, and others participants discover how the advent of American Impressionism was more than just an imitation of the Impressionist movement in France. The basic tenets of Impressionism, as well as the historical and cultural influences of the time, are discussed.

Tuesday, October 20 at 2 PM
Stories from the Tamil Diaspora
by Praveen Vijaykumar

What does it look like when worlds collide and create new communities? “Stories from the Tamil Diaspora” traces a Singaporean Tamil family’s history back to Tamil Nadu, India, in the early 20th century. The presenter shares experiences of British colonialism, Tamil performing arts practices, and Singapore’s transition from colony to an independent, multicultural, and global nation. Participants will gain intimate insight into Singaporean culture, much of which is reflected in its cuisines. Through storytelling, participants are invited to personally engage with global cultures, re-imagine past histories, and discuss positive futures.


Back by popular demand! We have had some special requests for MORE about ELEANOR- and Jeff with the FDR Presidential Library and Museum has agreed to come back . We will send out more program details closer to the date. Please make note of these TWO Bonus Programs!
Part 1: Wednesday, October 21at 2 PM Eleanor Roosevelt: Partner in the Whitehouse  Part 2: Thursday, October 29 at 2 PM Eleanor Roosevelt: Casting Her Own Shadow In the Post White House Years

Thursday, October 22 at 2 PM
“GOLD”! A Virtual Tour from Columbia State Historic Park

Columbia State Historic Park is the largest collection of gold rush era buildings in all of California. The brick buildings that date back to the late 1850s-1870s help to tell the story of the diverse merchants and miners who helped create this once booming town. Although Columbia’s population has dwindled over time, it was never a ghost town. This virtual tour takes you inside buildings and exhibits for a look at this bygone era.