Andover School Board Meeting Minutes – September 1, 2020

By Judith Turk

This meeting was held remotely (online/telephonically) pursuant to Governor’s Emergency Order #12, dated March 23, 2020.

As a preface to the meeting, Board Chair Aimee Menard presented the “Presiding Member’s Script To Ensure Meetings Are Compliant With The Right-to Know Law During The State Of Emergency.”

In Person Board Present: Aimee Menard, Dean Barker, Adam Jones

Remote Setting Board Present:  Brandon Adams- home, solo; Theresa Georges- home, solo

Administration Present: Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Dennis Dobe and Judith Turk

Public Present:  Michael Wiley

Board Chairperson’s Report:   Aimee acknowledged Dean for his Andover School Board leadership during his tenure.  She thanked Adam for his involvement in  fundraising efforts by providing AE/MS merchandise to the community for purchase.  She thanked Dennis and the SAU for their continuing efforts with the reopening of schools.

Principal’s Report:  Dennis summarized details regarding Professional Development Days and Committee Work for Staff, Parent Meetings, and Open Houses, the status of PPE equipment, Student Services, Athletics, and Pick Up Patrol.  There is still a need for a custodian to be hired, and the website will soon be updated.

Old Business 

School Reopening Update:  School will reopen on Wednesday, September 9.  Dismissal will occur at 1:45 PM.  All students need to leave and come back for athletics (soccer, cross country, track).  Practices will take place from 4 to 5:30 PM.  The first in-person practice will be on September 15 with masks and social distancing.  Aimee made the motion to approve the after-school activities.  Dean made the second.  All were in favor and after school activities were approved.

The Boys and Girls Club has opened up further opportunities for school hour day care for parents/families.

New Business 

Hybrid/Remote to In-person Reconsideration Date:  Aimee made the motion to revisit the consideration date for full reopening of October 13 at the October 6 School Board Meeting.  Dean made the second.  All were in favor and the reconsideration date of October 13 will be discussed at October’s Board Meeting.

Superintendent’s Report:  Mark acknowledged all staff for their hard work in preparing for the new school year.  He thanked Aimee for stepping into her new role as ASB Chairperson.  He is looking forward to the students’ return.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report:  Randy recognized everyone’s great work and Dennis’s calming influence and leadership at AE/MS.  He spoke of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Project student participation and successes.

Action from Non-Public Session:  Aimee made the motion to empower Mark MacLean to accept the Andover Employee Association’s Health and Safety Memorandum of Agreement once a revision to the language is made.  Theresa made the second.  All were in favor and the motion was approved.