General Election 2020 – Candidate for Representative in Congress

Libertarian – Andrew Olding

By Andrew Olding

As a Libertarian, I am seeking election to limit the government’s intrusion into people’s lives. My primary focus is on protecting the rights of all people; in New Hampshire and the country, as well as those affected by our government worldwide.

If elected I will call for an end to United States intervention in the Middle East. We’ve been in these wars for far too long. They have cost us the lives of too many young men and women. In order to pay for them we have gone further and further in debt, to the point where the financial outlook of future generations of Americans seems very bleak.

I am seeking the decriminalization of all substances and the end of the drug scheduling program.  The war on drugs has done little more than send generations of people in need to prison and to the edges of society.

If elected, I will co-sponsor Congressman Amash’s bill to end Qualified Immunity for law enforcement.  For too long, the police have not been held to a proper standard in this country.

If you have any questions about me or what I stand for, more can be found at