Faith Minton’s Son Speaks Out for his Mother’s Candidacy

By Jared Minton

The Granite State’s own Robert Frost once said, “There never was any heart truly great and generous, that was not also tender and compassionate.” There is a woman running for the District 25 House seat named Faith Minton who perfectly exemplifies this quote. She’s demonstrated it throughout her work within this community as well as in her volunteer work in education and with people with special needs. I admit to being a little biased in my opinion of Faith because I am her elder son.

Faith Minton differs from other politicians for a variety of reasons. Her ethics and morals are without question. As a 65-year-old grandmother, she has little to gain in seeking office short of simply wanting to better the community which she has called home for almost 45 years.

It’s been said that since she didn’t advocate for the construction of a gun range in Warner, Faith might be opposed to gun rights. Those who are Second Amendment supporters should be aware of the fact that I not only grew up eating the venison our father hunted, but that we were also strictly taught the differences between a rifle for hunting and a high-capacity assault weapon used by the military. Most sensible gun owners here in New Hampshire understand the difference between these two.

It’s crucial that candidates seeking the seat in District 25 be willing to work with both political parties, and it’s important to note that Faith Minton isn’t running to represent Democrats or Republicans but the people of Salisbury, Andover, Danbury, Warner, and Webster. She has been happily married for over 40 years to someone of another political party and has many friends and family from a diversity of political persuasions. My point is that the people of New Hampshire have always prided themselves on judging their candidates not solely by their political party, but rather by their character, which Faith has in abundance.

Faith’s opponent in this race has insinuated that she would be in favor of instituting an income tax and in defunding the police. This is something Faith shouldn’t have to justify with a response, but I’m happy to do that for her. It’s not true!

I grew up in Warner, and I’m incredibly proud of the New Hampshire values my parents instilled in me when I was young. I learned to appreciate the outdoors, skiing at King Ridge and hiking Mount Kearsarge. I attended public school in the area and still volunteer and sit on the board of a non-profit working with disabled people in neighboring Sunapee.  


Faith Minton is  an excellent listener of diverse opinions and knows how to work with others for the common good.  She is generous, compassionate, tender, and kind, and if he were alive today I’d harbor a guess that Robert Frost would feel that she’d make an incredible addition to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.