Roof Repairs Finished on Historical Society’s Red Caboose

Paint and ladder repairs next on list

By Bob Norander
Roof repairs were completed on the Andover Historical Society’s Red Caboose. A grant from the Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts, plus local donations, funded the project. Photo: Doug Bent

An article in the November 2020 issue of the Andover Beacon noted that considerable progress had been made in restoring the leak prone roof of the Historical Society’s 1923 Central Vermont Caboose. The final and longest section of the roof, which was uncovered last month, revealed extensive damage. The support beam, which ran along the center line of the roof, had rotted away over a majority of its length. Additional rotted wood was also discovered.

The long roof section received a new ridge pole, and other rotted wood was replaced. The exposed roof was covered with plywood sheets and a layer of EDPM – a type of synthetic rubber, both flexible and waterproof. Completion of the caboose roof, will allow the car to withstand wind, rain and snow for many years to come.  Bentwood Contracting of Andover performed this work. The tasks completed to date were made possible by a grant from the Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts, as well as donations from several generous individuals.

Looking ahead, we will repaint and reinstall the two roof ladders, and apply a fresh coat of paint to the outside of the caboose, using the Central Vermont red /orange color. We hope to include interior painting, and will apply the Central Vermont “Maple Leaf” logo to both sides of the exterior. In order to complete these tasks, we encourage interested readers to consider donating to the “The Caboose Restoration Fund.” A check can be sent to the Andover Historical Society, PO Box 167, Andover NH 03216-0167. Please note it is for the “Caboose Restoration Fund.” Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.