EAVP Expresses Gratitude to Everyone for 2020 Success

School kept running in spite of difficult year

By Kimberly Bell
East Andover Village Preschool pupils Keagan, Lauralei, and Jojo, have fun drawing a heart on the school grounds. Photo: Kimberly Bell

 East Andover Village Preschool is incredibly happy and thankful to be operating during this difficult year. We wanted to use this article to personally thank everyone that has helped us and is currently helping to keep our school open, running, happy, and healthy.

Thank you to our three dedicated teachers: Kimberly Bell, Elise Goodearl, and Kristie Boisvert for leading, teaching, and loving the preschoolers so much. Our school is amazing because of you. And thank you to the Head Chair of our Advisory Board, Erica Wheeler, for stepping up and ensuring that our school is running safely during this time. Another thank you goes to our School Advisory Board including Tayler Demers, Meridith Grover, Julie Bisson, Juline Johnson, Jessica Sanborn, and Jill Gilman. These individuals’ efforts do not go unnoticed.

A warm thank you to Amy Jenkins for her many dedicated years as a teacher and director, and now as a mentor as we transition. With her, we need to thank the Cloutier Family for their help managing our school over the last few years. We will miss you and wish you good luck in life. A warm hug goes to Papa Poulin and Steve Chellis who have helped to keep our school grounds clean by taking our trash. Without you things would be messy. A happy thank you for Lee at the Bachelder Library for working with our schedule and reading to us when available. We hope that things clear up soon so that we can all read together again.

We are extremely grateful to the Andover Congregational Church for allowing us to thrive at our school on their grounds. Our preschool is like a second home to many, and we are so blessed and thankful for the school building that we have.

Thank you to everyone in the community for your help with fundraisers, dropping off used toys and clothing, and to those who provide donations to help keep our school afloat. Our school may be small but we have so much love to share, and want to make sure that those that help us know that we love them.

Thank you to those above and to those not mentioned. Happy Holidays and best of love from East Andover Village Preschool.