Scholastic Awards a James Patterson Book Grant to Middle School

Kasey Schoch Received $500 to update class library

By Shelley Geoghegan
Thanks to a $500 James Patterson Scholastic Grant, the
first delivery of books arrived for the AE/MS middle school students to enjoy.
This was the first of four shipments. A wide variety of books were hand
selected by Kasey Schoch, the school’s reading exploration teacher. Photo:
Kasey Schoch

Kasey Schoch, the AE/MS Reading Explorations teacher, was successful in obtaining a $500 grant from Scholastic Books. She applied for a James Patterson grant hoping to replace old copies of classroom novel sets, and to update the classroom library that is used by students for independent reading. Students and teacher alike were thrilled when the first of four
shipments of books arrived.

In addition to her successful grant writing, Ms. Schoch was chosen as part of a group of 100 teachers nationwide, out of the 5,000 Scholastic grant recipients, to attend a virtual National Conference for Teachers of English.

These teachers were given the title of Scholastic Literacy Advocate for their state. As part of the virtual conference, being held From November 19 to 22, there will be an opportunity to meet, virtually, with a well-known author, and to be part of a panel discussion with that author. As a final bonus, each of these teachers will receive 100 of the top books from Scholastic for their schools.

According to Kasey Schoch, ” As a student, Scholastic book order day was always a day I looked forward to whenever it came around.That little girl in me is so excited to be given this opportunity. I am super excited to be one of those 100 teachers!”

Congratulations to Ms. Schoch and to the school for this honor, and the major book windfall.