Do Some Holiday Window Shopping at Emons Store in Potter Place  

By Larry Chase
Gift items for sale, which can be ordered by phone, are displayed in the Emons Store window in Potter Place. Free delivery is available for Andover residents. Photo: Larry Chase

Make a list, check it twice — and then call the Andover Historical Society for easy gift-shopping from the Society’s Emons Store in Potter Place, complete with free delivery for Andover residents.

The store has its usual broad selection of books, its new navy-blue Potter Place sweatshirts, the 2021 Historical Society calendar featuring the town’s historic homes, and Christmas tree ornaments picturing the Tucker Mountain Schoolhouse and other local  destinations. Other sale items may be viewed in the window of the Emons Store.

Call Gail Richards at 498-6439 or Ellen Langlais at 498-9480 for prices, delivery arrangements, and other items for sale.