COVID Data Will Determine January 10 Return to Proctor Campus 

Health remains priority for campus and Andover

By Scott Allenby

As of the writing of this article (mid-November), Proctor will engage in remote learning with students throughout the month of December with students returning to campus on January 10 for the remainder of the Winter Term.

While much could change in the next month, Proctor will continue to use local and statewide COVID-19 data, as well as data from boarding students’ home states, to drive the school’s campus repopulation plan.

As was the case this summer and early fall, Proctor recognizes the significant impact a populated campus has on the community of Andover. The health of the immediate Proctor community, as well as the Town of Andover community, remains the school’s top priority.

Residents of Andover are encouraged to view Proctor’s most recent communications regarding campus repopulation and remote learning here: