Pat Cutter was One of the Andover Community’s Greats

By Stephanie Hurlbutt

On the morning of November 16, our community lost one of the greats! Pat Cutter, an unforgettable member of our Andover Historical Society, passed away peacefully at her home with her family and personal caretaker at her side. Pat wore many hats within our community. Many of you knew her. She was a huge part of our Andover Cemetery Trustees, always willing to work with families. If you were looking for a space or loved one, she was eager to help.

She was also deeply passionate about the yearly Old Time Fair – yard sales and auctions. She was a woman on a mission and got things done. As well as doing her part helping to get the Andover Community Hub established and off the ground, she was proud to hear of all the volunteers and families who benefited from it. To the people who volunteered, thank you for that. The team had a vision.

Pat’s friendship was solid. I always appreciated her because you always knew where you stood. I found it easy to talk to her because if you felt weak, she was an example of toughness and pride. It’s the type of tough love we all need from our elders. A grandmother’s love. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Remember her with honor. Our town would not be what it is had she not been so passionate. She was not only a neighbor and friend, she was our cookie lady! There was a trail that joined her yard to ours, and you’d best believe that the “cookie trail” was kept cleared throughout the year, especially after every snow storm. 


Clear empty spinach containers were filled to the top with baked goodies: every cookie imaginable, brownies and granola bars of all sorts. Every other weekend she’d make her way over, and if we weren’t home we’d find them on the step. Made with love. She sure knew how to make a young man’s day!

She had so many hobbies and passions. I won’t forget the time my two dogs, yes, the Andover hooligans, took off and Lily ended up at her door. Ha, ha. There was Lily and her precious elder dog Morgan having a time, I’m sure over dog cookies. Lol. Pat’s face was priceless, with the biggest smile saying she thought she had just gained a new dog. Lol. Awe … the visual of that moment will always make me smile.

Pat was no joke, I will always admire her teachings. Today I celebrate her amazing life and all the beauty she brought to my heart. I don’t think I could even touch on all of her accomplishments, but these are a few of my own fond memories. May she Rest In Peace as she’s reunited with her beloved Bill. And may she continue on her happy trails!