2020 Was a Year of Changes at the Town Clerk’s Office

13 elected Town positions to fill

By Bonnie Wesley

What a year it has been!  Beginning in March we had to close down the office for a bit and re-opened by appointment only.  That has been keeping me in shape by having to run out to the parking lot for each appointment, sometimes as many as six times for each appointment.  

Things got better when our workstation moved to the Main Street side of the building, although my canopy ended its days at the Transfer Station.  


We are still by appointment only, but you can now ring the bell at your appointed time, and we will let you in.  We can have no more than two people in the lobby at a time, and you must wear a mask.  


When your transaction is complete, I will be cleaning any touched area.  We want to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Stephanie Hurlbutt left in July to pursue new interests.  Neil Turton joined me in August.  I wish them both well in their new adventures.  


We finally got rid of the old phone system, but let me tell you, learning the new one has been a challenge.  Please be patient with us.

Elections this year (four of them) were a huge challenge as well as a huge success.  Thanks to all the helpers for your time. 


We had over 400 absentee voters in September and over 600 in November.  The State inspectors that came to our polling place, I am proud to say, reported no violations.  Great job, everyone!

There will be 13 Town and School District positions on the ballots in March at Town Meeting. The filing period begins on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 and runs through Friday, January 29, 2021.  Forms will be available in the Town Clerk’s Office.  We will also be open on Friday, January 29 from 3 to 5 PM to receive filings.

Select Board member for one year
Select Board member for three years
Trustee of Trust Funds for three years
Cemetery Trustee for three years
Two Library Trustees, each for three years
Two Budget Committee members, each for three years
Two School Board members, each for three years
School District Moderator for one year
School District Clerk for one year
School District Treasurer for one year