Andover Post Office Receives Gratitude For Service

By Janet Moore

This is a grand shout-out to the town’s postal employees.

All of you have gone above and beyond the call of duty in processing the holiday mail. From receiving and redirecting packages to delivering them at all odd hours, we thank you.

For delivering holiday cards and regular mail on a steady basis through rain, snow, and dark of night, we thank you.

For your cheerful attitude and competent service to all customers, we thank you.

Finally, I extend my personal gratitude for the way you have handled all of my packages to that far-away daughter in Australia. I don’t know how you deciphered my handwriting on the customs forms, too often at 11:44, or put up with my feeble excuse: “I can’t read the credit card machine; can you just reach over and punch the right choices?,” having left my glasses in the car.

A million times, thank you from all of us in Andover and East Andover — you’re the best!