School Board

November 10, 2020
Condensed from approved minutes

This meeting was held in person and remotely pursuant to Governor’s Emergency Order #12, dated March 23, 2020.

In Person Board Present: Aimee Menard, Dean Barker, Adam Jones

Remote Setting Board Present: Theresa Georges (solo)

Administration Present: Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Kathleen Boucher, Hilary Denoncourt, Dennis Dobe, Judith Turk

Public Present: Michelle Dudek, Todd Goings, Jim Hanson, Molly Morgan, Michael Jensen, Megan Philbrook

Board Chairperson’s Report: Aimee thanked everyone for their continued efforts during these challenging times. Negotiations are going well. She announced the SAU #46 Board Meeting to be held on December 2. She wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Public Comments: There was one clarifying question raised regarding the status of the previous budget fund balance.

Principal’s Report: Dennis spoke about Progress Reports, the Fall/Winter Sports Seasons, Family Support Efforts, Meals Program for Remote Students (thank you to Hannaford for their donation of recyclable bags), Air Purifier Update, Shed Rebuilding Project, Grounds Maintenance, and Snow Removal Support from the Town of Andover. 


He also proposed a change to the current AE/MS School Calendar for the remainder of 2020-2021. On Monday, November 23 and Monday, December 21, the Gold cohort will attend school instead of having remote Mondays. Also, AE/MS will pivot to remote learning on all inclement weather days with the goal of ending for the year on June 18. 


Aimee moved to accept the changed calendar. Dean made the second. All were in favor and the calendar revision for 2020-2021 was approved.

New Business

Budget Committee: Introductions were made. Hilary explained the beginning of the Budget Process. She noted predicted increases in tuition costs, retirement benefits, teacher salaries, support staff salaries, health benefits, and Special Education. There may be decreases in fuel oil expenses and separation pay.

Superintendent’s Report: Mark acknowledged the representation of the Andover Budget Committee members and Select Board members. He asked if they have a meeting schedule and if they need anything upfront from the SAU or Board. He thanked everyone for their efforts during the pandemic and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to the veterans.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report:  Randy expressed pride in the AE/MS staff and community. He spoke of the busy budget preparation season. He wished everyone a Happy Veterans Day and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Before the meeting concluded, Adam made the motion to form a small working group (aside from Board Meetings) to assist and support the process of a school reopening plan. Dean made the second. All were in favor and the motion was approved. Mark and Dennis will work with Adam to form a committee.