East Andover Village Preschool Welcomes New Director

Spots still open for 2021 school year

By Stephanie D'Amour
Preschoolers at the East Andover Village Preschool work hard to shovel their way around the playground after the record storm that left us with almost shoulder high snow for our littles. Front two children shown: Gunner and Avery; Background children: Keagan, Jolene, Lauralei, and Callister. Caption and photo: Stephanie D’Amour

Happy New Year from East Andover Village Preschool! We finished the 2020 year with a busy and transitional month. We welcomed a new Director to the school, Miss Stephanie! Miss Stephanie started at EAVP in November, 2020. She comes to our little school from many years of preschool experience working at The Learning Center at Concord Hospital and other preschools in the Concord area. 

Miss Stephanie graduated from NHTI with an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and then continued on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood from Granite State College. Over the years her passion for teaching has grown and what she loves most is connecting with children and families to create memorable relationships, sharing her love for nature, and fostering individual creativity. Miss Stephanie also lives in Andover and loves being a part of the supportive community that surrounds EAVP!

As for many, 2020 had its challenges, and one thing we missed this year was holding our in-person fundraising events to get the community together. EAVP relies on fundraising to keep our non-profit school thriving and tuition cost down. 


Keep a lookout for our next Pay the Day Calendar fundraiser.  How it works is you pick your favorite number(s) on the calendar, write your name on that day, and donate that amount to EAVP. Example: February 10 = $10, February 28 + March 1 = $29. 


For every day that you pick you will get a raffle ticket and be entered to win a cash prize! If you wish to participate and/or donate, please reach out to EAVP@nulltds.net. We thank you in advance!

As for this month, our preschoolers have been interested in all things winter! Our interest started early with an exceptionally large snowstorm you may recall. We had some great shovelers and preschoolers worked hard making our way around the buried playground. 


Since then, some of our snow has disappeared, but this has sparked more curiosity around animals hibernating, how ice is formed, and animals that live in cold climates. We have done lots of experimenting with ice and bringing the outdoors in and sometimes bringing materials outdoors. 


Recently we used our snow-covered playground as our blank canvas to create art. We brought squirt bottles of paint into the snow and watched how the colors mix and used our imaginations on a larger scale. EAVP embraces the winter months and uses every opportunity to create invitations for learning.

We currently have spots open for the remainder of the 2021 school year for children ages three to five. Enrollment for the 2021/2022 school year is right around the corner; registration will begin March 1. Full-day and half-day options are available. We invite you to email EAVP@nulltds.net for registration information.

EAVP is hiring an Associate Preschool Teacher, a member of the teaching team who shares the responsibility with the teaching team for the care and education of the preschool group of children. The Assistant Preschool Teacher plans curriculum, supervises groups of children, builds family relationships, and maintains a healthy and safe environment for the group of children.  Requirements: At least 18 years of age, high school diploma or equivalent, minimum of 9 ECE credits, and/or minimum of 1,500 hours of childcare experience. Send resume to EAVP@nulltds.net.