Peter Gansevoort Whittemore – January 26, 2021

By McNamara-Sparrell Funeral Home

Peter Gansevoort Whittemore of Cohasset, Massachusetts, passed away on Tuesday, January 26. He was born in Cohasset on July 15, 1950, the fourth son of Katherine G. and Anthony R. Whittemore. He was predeceased by his parents and his brother Timothy, and is survived by two brothers, Anthony Whittemore of Sherborn, Massachusetts, and James Whittemore of Old Town, Maine. He was also predeceased by his stepfather John F. Howe, and survived by three step siblings, John Howe of Sandwich, Massachusetts, Peter Howe of Montague, Massachusetts, and Mary Howe of Andover, New Hampshire.

Peter was a brilliant, inquisitive and tenacious thinker. A Harvard dropout in the nineteen-sixties, he returned decades later and graduated, then went on to Harvard Divinity School where he earned his Master’s degree, becoming perhaps the best educated, over qualified handyman carpenter in the town. He was a gifted guitar player, and he was capable of building his own instrument as well.

Peter’s true calling for the years following Harvard was with Alcoholics Anonymous, to which he devoted his enormous talents and empathy. He will be sadly missed by legions of friends who knew his humor, compassion, and love.

Arrangements are through McNamara-Sparrell Funeral Home, with details to be announced. He will be buried in a private ceremony at Cohasset Central Cemetery. To share a remembrance, please visit