Benefits of Medicare for All Explained; Vote Yes

By Kent Hackmann

Last month’s Beacon published a petitioned warrant article that will be on the warrant at the upcoming Andover Town Meeting. It asks Congress to pass a bill for Medicare for All (M4All). 

M4All would have tangible, positive results:

● Freedom from the worrying expenses of increased deductibles and premiums that have risen annually. 

● Freedom from being uninsured.  In 2017 and 2018 about 77,000 New Hampshire residents, or 6% of the state’s population, didn’t have health insurance.  Nationally, because of COVID, nearly 3 in 10 Americans lost health insurance coverage last year.

● Better health outcomes for everyone.   Annual routine checkups help head off chronic illnesses, especially obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.  These  become progressively more expensive to treat.

● Better outcomes at lower overall costs:  America spends more than any other industrial nation for health care yet has lower outcomes in many categories, especially life expectancy.  Currently one third of medical expenses goes to administration expenses.

● Lower local property taxes due to the elimination of insurance premiums for Town and School District employees. 

● Cost management.  Reputable cost estimates, including one from the conservative free market think tank, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, predict that M4All will save money.

This is not a surprise.   Other industrial nations, from Canada to Germany, have had universal coverage for years without creating an economic crisis.  Also, they spend much less than the United States on health care.  In 2019, America spent $3.8 trillion (about 18% of GNP, or $11,000 per person).  This is twice the average of other advanced nations.   

The Bottom Line

Spent wisely, the $3.8 trillion we devote to an administratively inefficient and expensive health care system is more than enough to provide comprehensive coverage for all.

Vote yes for the Medicare for All petitioned warrant article petition at the Andover Town Meeting.