EAVP Keeps Students Active Through Winter With Yoga

Open house for prospective families in March

By Stephanie D'Amour
Dance parties are always a big preschool hit!  It is great to see the individual personalities that come out. One day we used some animal masks and acted out our favorite animals to the song Animal Action.Standing in front is EAVP preschooler Lauralei, standing on the table in front are Callister and Avery; sitting are Briar and Jolene, and standing in the back are Axel, Gunner, Hayes, and an unnamed student. Caption and photo: Stephanie D’Amour

Registration for the 2021-22 school year is underway!  We will be holding an open house for perspective families on Saturday, March 13, from 9 to noon.  Come by and see our school and meet our staff!  

New this year, we will be offering a Zoom Open House for families who are unable to join us on Saturday. Zoom will be on Wednesday, March 10, at 6 PM. Please email EAVP@nulltds.net to let us know if you will be attending either open house.

For the month of February, we are focusing on kindness. Preschoolers have created a kindness jar, and when we see a friend helping out, sharing, or just random acts of kindness we will add a stone to our jar. When our jar is full of kindness, the students have chosen fun themed days as a reward.

We also enjoyed working together to create a friendship fruit salad. We invite each child to bring a piece of fruit to school. We cut up all the fruit to make a fruit salad to share, the lesson being that when everyone contributes a little, we can do great things.

With six more weeks of winter, EAVP is feeling those winter blues like many of you. As always, our goal is getting outside every day, but with the recent wind chill and negative temperatures, it keeps us inside. We do our best to keep our bodies moving and include big body play into our daily routine. 

Most recently we incorporated yoga into our day. Yoga has been shown to help both physical and mental health, improving balance, strength, and even reducing anxiety and stress. 

One of our favorite yoga activities is collaborating yoga moves to a story like We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Preschoolers make connections from the story while creating movements with stretches and poses to match the story line.