Andover Community Hub Comes to the Rescue

By Nancy Robart

Many thanks to Andover Hub! In early January, I was scheduled to get my “new hip” and had planned to pick up my “assistive devices,” walker, and cane at the New London Council of Aging prior to surgery date. However, by the time I called COA, they were closed and the opportunity for pick up was very limited.

Andover Hub to the rescue. I was told by Susan Chase that the Hub has a loaner closet with such equipment available. Within a few hours, Susan showed up with a walker and cane. Perfect!

I am very grateful for a lot of things in my life, however, as I age, I am more appreciative of the resources available in the Andover community. Within a short driving distance from our home we have access to several great restaurants, bank, post offices, gas stations/mini marts, auto repair businesses, The Andover Beacon, physical therapy services, rail trail access, and more.

I am very thankful to all the folks involved in the Andover Hub for their part in providing a range of services that helps this community to be healthier and safer.

Nancy Robart