Proctor Students Return to Campus for Spring Trimester

Continuous COVID testing continues

By Scott Allenby

After a two week Spring Break from March 12 to 28, Proctor students repopulated campus and entered a Phase 1 quarantine in dormitories after two rounds of PCR testing.

As the community awaits the results of the second round of testing, and a subsequent third round of testing in the coming week, students and faculty anxiously await a return to in-person learning, afternoon activities, and meals in the dining hall on Sunday, April 4 (or whenever results from the third round of testing are received).

Proctor will continue weekly Covid-19 testing protocols for all students and employees, will remain masked at all times on campus (other than students in their own dorm rooms), and will do our part to keep the community of Andover safe and healthy.

If anyone in town has concerns about Proctor students or questions about campus repopulation protocols, please direct them to Scott Allenby at