Andover Planning Board Minutes – February 9, 2021

By Lisa Meier

Condensed from approved minutes

Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis and in accordance with Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #12 pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, this Board is authorized to meet electronically.  The public has access to contemporaneously listen and participate in this meeting through the video.

Members present: Art Urie, Chair; John Hodgson, Vice-Chair; Randy Monti; Nancy Teach; Donna Duclos; David Powers; John Kinney, ex-officio; and Ken Wells, alternate.

Also present: Pat Moyer; Planning and Zoning Coordinator; David Krause; Nate Cadorette; Shawn MacKinnon; Jonathan Pozzi; Patrick Finocchiaro

Non-Binding Consultation:  Minor Subdivision for Nate Cadorette; 68 Brickhouse Road, in the Agricultural / Residential Zone

Cadorette advised the total acreage for this parcel is 85.00 acres and he would like to divide out two five-acre lots with 75 acres remaining for the parent lot.  The two new lots would have road frontage on Flaghole Road. 

Hodgson stated that this would not be a minor subdivision as there will ultimately be three lots total, and Urie stated it would be a major subdivision.  Cadorette asked if a full survey would be necessary, as there are no actual surveyed property lines on the tax card, and the response was yes, for the full 85 acres.

Non-Binding Consultation:  Minor Subdivision for Dan Labonte with David Krause as his agent; 243 Currier Road, in the Agricultural / Residential Zone

Krause advised that there is a total of 24.70 acres, and the proposal is to divide out 6.048 acres with 343’ of road frontage. 

Kinney stated he was concerned with the 4:1 depth-to-width ratio.  Krause replied that there is a 300’ width on Currier Road.  Urie stated he was concerned with the 4:1 depth-to-width ratio also pertaining to the remaining parent lot and would like the dimensions double-checked with the survey. 

Urie asked if there were any wetlands. Duclos stated that there were some wetlands along Currier Road. Krause replied that yes, there could be some wetlands.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Report

Shawn MacKinnon of 266 Main Street has requested documentation from the board stating that his property is changed to a four-unit residential building. The plan is to merge two of the units.  

Urie asked how Avitar has it listed, and the response was a five-unit residential building.  Teach asked if the new single unit would have two kitchens and the response was no, the second kitchen will be turned into a recreation room.  

Powers suggested that the board provide a letter indicating that this is a four-residential unit building. Kinney stated that in order for a new owner to revert this building back to a five-unit residential building, they would have to come before the Planning Board.  

The board voted unanimously to provide a letter stating that this property is a four-unit residential building.

Lisa Duncan, who came before the board regarding a proposed child care center at 1101 Franklin Highway, has backed out of the purchase of the home so will not be coming back before the board.

A certified letter was mailed to Millenium Moving Solutions, 519 Main Street, on February 9.

The Master Plan needs to be updated every five to ten years, and Andover is in the middle of this cycle.

Paperwork for Brian Signor / B&S Diesel, 9 Johnson Lane, has been forwarded to the Select Board.

Non-Binding Consultation: Possible Resort Development for Patrick Finocchiaro and John Pozzi; 00 Depot Street (near the Wilmot town line) Tax Map 35, Lots 355,400; 418,442 and 469,443 split between the Agricultural / Residential Zone and the Forest / Agricultural Zone and 00 Mill Road (across from the Refinery Restaurant) Tax Map 28, Lots 259,094 and 194,086 in the Village Zone.

Pozzi stated that he and Finocchiaro have entertained a concept for a luxury style resort for the past five years and are considering two areas in Andover.  The proposal consists of 14 rental cabins, a dining structure, and a spa structure.  The hope is to integrate the resort into the community with the use of local artisans while preserving the intricacies of Andover and the surrounding towns. 

Urie stated that whichever property they chose would need to be subdivided into fourteen lots.  Pozzi asked if a road would be necessary and the response was yes, and it would have to meet Town standards. 

Pozzi asked if each lot would require 250’ of road frontage, and the response was yes.  Pozzi asked about the Rail Trail, and the response was a road cannot cross the Rail Trail. 

Urie stated that for the Depot Street property, there is also a 10-acre lot next door for sale on Eagle Pond Road in Wilmot. It was asked if guests could walk across the Rail Trail and the response was yes. 

It was asked what size the cabins would be, and the response was the smallest would be a two-person cabin, about 750 square feet, and the largest would be a suite-style at 1,300 to 1,400 square feet. The restaurant would be about 1,000 to 1,300 square feet, and the spa about 1,600 to 1,800 square feet. 

Kinney asked if the Conservation Subdivision the board is currently working on would be relevant to this subject, and Urie responded yes, it would and asked Pozzi what their time-frame was.  Pozzi stated they are hoping for around 2025.  

Finocchiaro asked what the setback from the brook is, and Urie stated he would find that answer out. Wells stated that the delineation shows wetlands which would require a 150’ setback.

Continued Review of Proposed Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance – Conservation Subdivision: Hodgson distributed a revised document specifically pertaining to “Density Incentives,” which the board discussed.