Frost Homestead Comes Full Circle Back to a Frost

Home changed hands many times

By Beth Frost
The Frost homestead in East Andover on Highland Lake. Nebessek translates to “near the little lake.” Photo: Beth Frost

This is an update of the article originally written for the Beacon by Tim Frost in October 2012 and reprinted in last month’s issue.

Nebessek is an Indian word meaning  “near the little lake.”  The home on Highland Lake that bears the name Nebessek  was where Atherton and Eula Frost raised their three children, Margie, Louise, and Tim.

In 1963, Eula Frost Kelley sold Nebessek to Peter Shanelaris and Dr. Sidney Feldman and included a large parcel of lake frontage in the sale.  She retained a small parcel of the lake frontage which was later deeded to Tim and Beth Frost.

Mr. Shanelaris and Dr. Feldman started a girls summer camp called Lyndover.  The camp did not prosper as hoped and after a few years the men ended the endeavor, splitting the property up. Nebessek, along with a strip of land on Highland Lake, was deeded to Dr. Feldman, and the remaining lake frontage was deeded to Mr. Shanelaris.

A rainbow appeared the day after Patrick Frost purchased the former Frost homestead, leading the family to take it as a sign. Photo: Beth Frost

Over the next 34 years, the property changed hands three times. Robert and Eleanor Larsen purchased the home from Dr. Feldman in 1985, and Kieran and Cynthia Nunan acquired the property in 2004. Patrick and Christine Frost purchased the property in the summer of 2019, 56 years after Eula sold Nebessek, bringing it back into the hands of the Frost family once again.

Patrick always dreamed of owning the home, but the timing was never right when it was on the market.  After selling his home on Tucker Mountain, he contacted the Nunans to see if they were interested in selling, and they said yes.  Purchasing Nebessek was a dream come true for Patrick, and his vision to restore the home to its original beauty became a reality.

On the day after the closing in July, Patrick, Christine, and other family members were busy cleaning up brush around the house when a sudden and brief downpour rolled through, leaving behind a beautiful rainbow.  The family took that as a sign that the Atherton and Eula Frost homestead had come full circle.  Tim is smiling down from heaven watching his son, Patrick, bring the house back to life.  The home Patrick and Christine are making for their family will also be a gathering place for memories and laughter for the families of Margaret Frost Fenton, Louise Frost Osborne, and Timothy Frost.