State Legislature Meets In-Person to Take Up Bills

Partial list of bills and personal vote

By Louise Andrus

Happy Spring!  But it is not Spring this morning, March 15.  It’s only five above zero with high winds. Very cold when I went out to feed the animals. There are some patches of bare ground and muddy roads. The sap is running when it warms up enough for it to run, and some of the summer birds are starting to return.

The Legislature met on February 24 and 25 at the Sportsplex in Bedford.  My description:  It was and will be a perfect choice to house the full house of the Legislature comfortably until we can return to Concord to hold our Legislative sessions and conduct the business of the citizens of New Hampshire.

A few of the bills taken up in the session are listed with my vote.  In no way is this the entire list of bills taken up in February:

HB274, relative to payment by the state of a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers.  This bill was Inexpedient to Legislate.  Voted Yea.

HB197, permitting self-defense within a vehicle. Passed.  Voted Yea.

HB246, in my opinion this presumed the defendant is guilty until proven innocent. Killed.  Voted Yea to kill this bill.

HB194, giving parents more information about students’ assessments. Passed.  Voted Yea.

HB233, relative to the right of any infant born alive to medically appropriate and reasonable care and treatment.  Passed.  Voted Yea.

HB349, allowing school nurses to have associate (community college) degrees rather than bachelor’s degrees. Passed. Voted Yea.

HB 586, relative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards and to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development. This was a very controversial bill regarding the boards in our towns and developers.  Voted Yea to Table this bill,

If you would like to read any bill in its entirety, please go to New Hampshire General Court, then “Find a Bill.”  Enter the bill number and search.  On the next page you will find Bill Text listing HTML or PDF.  Click on either one, and it will bring up the bill.  


There is a wealth of knowledge on the  New Hampshire General Court website. I encourage use of this website for legislative information, whether House or Senate.

If you want to contact all the House, House Republicans or House Democrats,  or Senate the following are the emails to use:

NH House of Reps (all)

NH Senate (all)

House of Reps (Republicans only)

House of Reps (Democrats only)

Our next full House sessions are on Wednesday, April 7; Thursday, April 8; and Friday, April 9.

I like being on the House Education Committee and listening, especially to the parents and their pros and cons on any given bill that is before our Committee.  All input, by every citizen, is welcomed, whether a parent or not. 


But I have to say, being a parent myself, that I am an advocate for the parents and their child or children. I believe it is up to the parents to make the decisions on their child’s education.

This is a quote that I love:  “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”