Fourth of July Fireworks are a Possibility if Approved

Parade and Market are cancelled

Press release

The Andover Fourth of July Committee has evaluated the prospects of conducting the event for 2021.

Although tremendous strides have been made toward putting the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, large crowds, such as we’ve seen in Andover on the Fourth of July, pose an unreasonably high risk to all those that would attend as well as those who come in contact with those who’ve attended.

The decision to cancel the Market on the Green and the parade was an agonizing one.

We are working to gain approval for going ahead with the fireworks, but the final decision is at least another month away.

Andover’s Fourth of July/Independence Day celebration has been a beloved tradition since 1942. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we would have to cancel the event two years in a row.

Please join the committee in looking forward to a safe and well attended 2022 event when we’ll celebrate our 80th year! The Fourth of July Committee is always looking for people who would enjoy the fun and camaraderie of working to put on Andover’s big day. Please consider joining to share in the excitement.

For more information, contact Doug Phelps at 977-0037 or; Donna French at 735-6131 or; or Beth Frost at 455-2882 or