Natalie Wells’ Report from Concord, May 2021

By Natalie Wells

On April 13, the Governor signed SB43 which will enable the Secretary of State to do an audit on the Windham, New Hampshire state election.  As I proudly serve as the House Election Law Committee Clerk, you might like to know we passed several bills dealing with absentee ballots in an effort to build confidence in our elections.

The Republican majority has protected the Second Amendment as we promised, and I was also pleased we addressed the funding of abortion at New Hampshire clinics using public money in the state budget.  In my opinion, this should not be on the backs of the taxpayer. 

One of the key Second Amendment bills that passed (and I supported) was House Bill 334, which allows those riding a snowmobile or an ATV to carry a loaded gun. HB 334 follows our New Hampshire statute for Constitutional carry. New Hampshire is the safest state in the country, and we must continue to protect the rights of law-abiding individuals.

I was proud to support House Bill 69 that passed 206 to 169. We should be displaying our National Motto, “In God We Trust” in our public schools. We also passed HB278 which gives New Hampshire charter schools the right of first refusal to lease or purchase any public-school building not being fully utilized.  Charter schools in New Hampshire are public schools, and we have many town residents who have charter school students, and they deserve suitable, safe buildings to reach their full potential.

One controversial piece of legislation is HB544, also known as the Anti-Critical Race Theory (CRT) Bill. This school program, as I see it, is promoted for one purpose: to divide us rather than unite us. CRT teaches our children (as young as kindergarten!) that they are either the oppressed or the oppressor based solely on the color of their skin. It teaches that all white people are “oppressors and privileged, and people of color are victims and bear no responsibility for their actions.” It teaches children to judge others not by their character, but by their skin color, a complete reversal of lessons by Dr. Martin Luther King.  

I believe every parent and grandparent should be contacting their school board or school administration for their position on CRT. Let’s concentrate on helping students achieve their math and English skills versus putting out tax dollars to supporting programs such as these.

This “theory” is being taught to teachers and administrations close to home. Please check out a Facebook YouTube interview with Senator Kevin Avard and a parent, Daniel Richards from Hanover, and how it is affecting that elementary school. Check out Representative Louise Andrus’ Facebook website to read her interaction with the Merrimack Valley School Board. 

This is closer that you may realize, and people need to take a stand. If you do not want this taught in your child’s school or be supported by your tax dollars, reach out to your Senator and the Governor’s Office to keep the anti-CRT portion in our 2021-2022 state budget.

As one former state representative stated during COVID lockdown, she watched many Zoom church services. She found “people of all colors were worshipping side by side, with no hint of animosity or hatred towards each other. Church families are volunteering together, worshipping together.” 

Speaking of churches, we passed HB542 which declares that Houses of Worship are Essential, just as Walmart and Target are. This includes churches, synagogues, or mosques.

President Ronald Reagan said, “Abraham Lincoln freed the black man. In many ways, Dr. King freed the white man. Where others preached … hatred, he taught the principles of love and nonviolence. We can be so thankful that Dr. King raised his mighty eloquence for love and hope rather than for hostility and bitterness. He took the tension he found in our nation, a tension of injustice, and channeled it for the good of America and all her people.”

As we celebrate the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, thankful for our freedom, we must stay ever-vigilant to protect it.

You can contact me at or 456-2873.