History Presentations Offer Spotlight on New Hampshire

Available by Zoom from NH Humanities

By Larry Chase

Interested in New Hampshire history, but concerned about attending live events because of the COVID pandemic?  Turns out you can solve the problem in the comfort of your home, sitting before your computer screen and interacting with subject-matter experts.

Thanks to research done by Andover Historical Society (AHS) board member Rita Norander, AHS has learned of these virtual May presentations being offered by New Hampshire Humanities, whose mission is “striving to connect all people in New Hampshire with inspiring and challenging ideas of the human experience.”

From a much longer list of May presentations, Rita singled these out for their historical focus:

Heroes and Homecoming: Norman Rockwell and World War II, on Tuesday, May 4 at 6 PM.

Granite State Gallery: New Hampshire Art and Artists through the Years, on Wednesday, May 5 at 7 PM.

New Hampshire’s Long Love-Hate Relationship with Its Agricultural Fairs, on Wednesday, May 12 at 7 PM.

The Founding Fathers: What Were They Thinking?, on Tuesday, May 18 at 6 PM.

Digging into Native History of New Hampshire, on Thursday, May 20 at 6:30 PM.

These are but a few of the presentations being offered in May. To see the whole list, and to select the above titles, go to NHHumanities.org.  Under the “Programs” section, a list will appear giving the names of the programs offered and the date each is being held. Most of the programs this year are virtual, and will say “virtual” in red letters.

If you see an interesting program, click on the title, and more information will appear telling about the presentation and the presenter, as well as the time it is being held (via Zoom) and who is hosting the event. If you’d like to join this Zoom presentation, click on “Register,” follow the instructions, and click “Send.” You’ll receive an email with the information needed to join the Zoom gathering.

After the Zoom presentation, you’ll be asked to fill out (via email) a review or evaluation of the program, which they will send to you.