Educational Workshops on Race Addressed by State Rep

Member of House Education Committee

By Louise Andrus

I attended the Merrimack Valley School District School Board Meeting on April 12. In the comment section of the agenda I addressed the following:

“Thank you Randy. Good Evening, For those who do not know me, my name is Louise Andrus.  I am a taxpayer and resident of Salisbury. I am also a State House Rep and on the Education Committee.  My statement tonight is regarding the information in the February 8, 2021 school board meeting packet, pages 93 through 96 on curriculum revisions.

“I am very disappointed, and I am putting it mildly to be polite, that the Superintendent and School Board condone and approve of spending the taxpayers’ money on workshops and conferences, which in my opinion result in propaganda and indoctrination of our students in the district.  I don’t care if the money comes through grants, the Federal, or State governments, it is still our tax money. 

“Even more important than the money is the possible indoctrination of our students in the school district.  According to some of the information provided in the packet, for example, one of the topics of discussion focused on such a topic as white privilege.  Also In the packet, and I am quoting, ‘Several teachers attended a “Dismantling White supremacy Culture” workshop over the summer.’

‘No wonder the test scores of students in reading, and math, and science are not where they should be if the school district spends more time, in my opinion, on divisive concepts, for example.

“There are so many parents pulling their child or children from the public schools.  When are we going to sit down and have an adult conversation without the unions, and ascertain what the real problems are in the public schools, and fix those problems rather than just turning our heads the other way and ignoring the subject.

“I will end with this, and it is something that is of a huge concern to me. Let us imagine, and in my opinion it can and will happen, that  a young student will be told in class teachings that because they are white that they are a white supremacist and privileged, and because their parents are white they are the same.  We cannot allow the possible teachings of this nature to happen to our children.  Thank you.”

If you would like to read pages 93 through 96 on curriculum revision, e-mail me at, and I will send it to you.