Potter Place Bustles with Activity in Preparation for Summer

Buildings may be open this summer

By Gail Richards

Spring has sprung, and with the warmer weather many projects are getting under way at Potter Place. Some examples:

The Freight Shed is scheduled to have the south side of its roof replaced, and                                              work on the signal switch at the railroad station, and on the caboose, has begun.

A map of the village of Potter Place with information about existing buildings and those now gone will be mounted in the new display case on the front of the Emons Store.

Displays in the windows of the store and the railroad station are being renewed.

The Gordon-Lull House will have two of its first-floor rooms outfitted with period furnishings – one as a parlor, one as a children’s room.  

And there are other developments to come.

The Society is hoping to open its buildings with limited hours this summer, with COVID precautions, at a date yet  to be determined.  Meanwhile, look for Spring Ledge Farm to continue working on the surrounding  landscape.

In Other News

The 2022 Historical Calendar will feature a new selection of Andover’s old houses.  If homeowners are interested in researching their residences, the Society has many resources available. 

In keeping with April having been National Volunteer Month, we wish to thank so very much all the people who give of their time and labor to help our Historical Society to function.  This spring we have three high school students and one of their parents as our newest volunteers.  If you are interested in helping, there are numerous opportunities.

For research information, volunteering opportunities, and purchasing books or other store items, please call Gail Richards 498-6439.