Andover Energy Group Touts Its Many Accomplishments

Collaborations with local groups

By Larry Chase
The old and the new: Part of a much larger solar array, these panels sit atop an 1835 farmhouse in East Andover. The energy produced helps power the all-electric Chevy Bolt in the driveway. An earlier source of household water is in the foreground. Caption and photo: Larry Chase

Operating without bylaws or a mission statement, the Andover Energy Group has had several accomplishments, often in collaboration with similar groups in New London and Wilmot.  If you search The Andover Beacon’s website at for articles in the category “Andover Energy Group,” you’ll find 17 pages of citations, many including headlines like:

Andover Energy Group Presents Solar Saturday in Andover
Andover Energy Group Presents “Button Up” Workshop
Solar Power Lights Up — and Heats — Town Office Building
Andover and New London Energy Committees Host EV Expo
Andover Group Suggests Readings on Climate Change

Get Help Deciding Which Electric Vehicle is Right for You”

And notably, in a four-month 2015 “Solarize Kearsarge” campaign undertaken by Andover, New London, and Wilmot, Andover recorded 21 new installations of solar panels on homes around town, compared with New London’s 15 and Wilmot’s 2, according to figures provided by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.

Regular attendees at Andover Energy Group meetings now include the following: Susan and Larry Chase, Gisela and Steve Darling, Jeff Dickinson, Vicky Mishcon, Janet Moore, and Lee and Ken Wells.  All but the Wellses were at the original 2011 meeting.

Others interested in joining the group are welcome.  To indicate an interest, send an email to