Wilmot Learning Place Faces Post-COVID Challenges

By Scott McCullough

The past year has been a challenge to us all in many ways. Though we are recently starting to see some semblance of our former normal lives, it will take time to build back up to where we were or would like to be.

I would like to highlight one example of an organization on the east end of Wilmot Flat trying to recover from operating through the pandemic. The Wilmot Learning Place has been a hub for the children of our community to come to safely learn and grow. By taking extra precautions early on, WLP was able to avoid any significant COVID cases and remain a reliable place for families to bring their children.

As a parent of a student, I am thankful and appreciative of the talented and passionate staff at the WLP for all their efforts.

Although children at the WLP have been able to thrive throughout this time, finances have been strained. Teachers are working harder than ever to maintain the high-quality learning environment that WLP is known for. COVID relief funding has helped but fallen short.

Donations have been a significant part of their operating budget, and this year that is especially true. The federal government has recognized this need and allowed donations up to $600 to be taken “above the line” (non-itemized), up from the $300 previously allowed. New donations would help towards sustaining the safe and nourishing classrooms that the children have enjoyed for so many years. WLP also offers a student scholarship program for families.

Thank you for your consideration.