Concern About Representative’s Call to Ban Critical Race Theory Instruction

By Caroline Moulton Ratzki

In response to Natalie Wells’ letter in the April Beacon, I am troubled by her call to ban teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the public schools.

Our history has moments of glory and moments of utter infamy. No one would want children to be made to feel personally guilty for the sins of the past. However, no one should want children to be ignorant of the history that shaped our country.

Slavery existed, Jim Crow existed, the genocide of Native Americans existed, as did discrimination against immigrants, people of color, women, people who are differently abled, and LGBTQ people.

If these facts are ignored, how can we understand our society today? CRT makes the assumption societal racism exists. If you disagree, let’s discuss.

Nazi Germany had much in common with the communist regimes of Russia and China. They all re-wrote history, they expunged facts and people, they crafted a false narrative to shape and mold their children and population.

How can we inspire our children with the courage of Rosa Parks if they do not know why she was told to give up that seat on the bus?

Let’s encourage schools to teach all the facts of history.